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Welcome to the Russ Gibson for Sheriff website. I am Russ Gibson, the former Osceola County Sheriff. I served as the Osceola County Sheriff from January 3, 2017, to January 5, 2021. Before being elected to Sheriff, I began my 32-year law enforcement career with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in January 1987. My public service career began working in the Corrections Department. I was then transferred to the Uniform Patrol Division in March 1997 where I worked in many different areas of the Sheriff’s Office.  I found my passion working as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Division. I served as a Persons and Sex Crimes Detective, Cyber Crimes Detective, and a Homicide Detective, investigating the most heinous crimes.

As the former Sheriff, I was committed to making my command staff a true reflection of the communities we served. That is why my command staff was over 60% diverse – the most diversified Sheriff’s administration of any Osceola County Sheriff, both past and present.

As your Sheriff, ensuring the safety and security of the residents, businesses, and visitors of Osceola County was my #1 priority. I am honored and proud to say, even with Osceola County’s rapid population growth, during my time as your Sheriff, the overall crime rate decreased by an impressive 30.6% despite a population increase of over 23%.

One of my key promises during my campaign was to establish School Resource Officers (SROs) in all Osceola County public schools and state-funded charters schools. Upon taking office, my team and I collaborated with the Osceola County School Board and Superintendent to secure funding for the SRO Program. When elected to the Office of Sheriff in 2024, I will once again promise to prioritize the safety of our public schools by ensuring the proper allocation of Deputy Sheriffs/SROs and offering state-funded charter schools to once again have a Deputy Sheriff/SRO assigned to their schools.

Another campaign promise I made was to implement a body-worn camera program at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Recognizing the importance of meeting the evolving needs of Osceola County, my team and I implemented the first body-worn camera program in the history of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Because upholding the highest standards of accountability and transparency to better serve residents, businesses, and visitors is very important to me.

My extensive background working in the Criminal Investigations Division, gave me the knowledge and experience to seek justice in criminal cases. When our former State Attorney refused to file charges on the individuals we arrested in the Nicole Montalvo murder case, I went to Tallahassee to ensure Nicole and her family had a chance at justice. After meeting with members of the Attorney General’s Office and the Governor’s Office, I was able to convince the Governor’s Office to reassign the case to another jurisdiction for prosecution. Due to my extensive knowledge and experience with homicide investigations, I knew we had the right people responsible for this horrible crime in jail. As a result of the case being reassigned, both individuals were found guilty of second-degree murder and then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after only 90-minutes of deliberation by the jury. I was determined to ensure Nicole’s murderers were held accountable for their crimes because every life has value, and I will continue to fight for justice when elected to serve as your Sheriff again.

In the fight against drugs, my team and I intensified efforts to target drug dealers in Osceola County and Central Florida by working close with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigations (MBI), and our local multi-agency Drug Task Force, the Osceola Criminal Investigations Bureau (OCIB). We initiated the first Narcan Program using Forfeiture Funds, saving lives from opioid overdoses. We also utilized Forfeiture Funds to partner with local organizations, offering support services to drug users, helping them break free from drug dependencies.

As the former Sheriff and candidate for Sheriff, once again, I am devoted to promoting fairness, justice, and accountability in law enforcement. A Sheriff’s role goes beyond enforcing laws, but also building strong relationships with the community they are sworn to protect and serve. I value transparency and will always seek open dialogue with community members and leaders, actively listening to concerns and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. I am committed to hiring a diverse team of deputies who treat all individuals with respect and dignity and fostering trust and improved relationships within all of our diverse communities of Osceola County.

Restoring Trust, Transparency, and Integrity back to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is one is one of my top priorities. I am experienced and ready to serve as your Sheriff on Day One. I would appreciate your support and vote in the August 2024 Primary election.


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